Appel d'offre Pour vente des véhicules seconde main

Yanditswe na: Aloys Niyonyungu
Taliki:28/06/2024 17:46

La Direction de SKOL BREWERY LIMITED Vous invite à soumettre vos meilleures offres pour I'achat des véhicules en-dessous.

Internal or external interested parties are requested to submit their best offers to SBL reception no later than 07/15/2024 at 4:00 p.m. in closed (sealed) envelopes marked “offer to purchase second-hand vehicles”.

Addressed to the General Manager of SBL, Visits to the vehicles will be made at the place where they are parked in coordination with Mrs. Divine Harnganjl, Tel +250 784 129 956, for anyone interested during working hours, please inform her in advance.


.Please specify in your offer the desired vehicle(s) in Rwandan Francs and provide your full identity and contact details.

.Offers will be received upon presentation of proof of non-refundable payment of 10,000 Frw into the account of SBL O0018-01390047888-51/RWF at COGEBANK 

.The selection of the bidder will be based on the SBL procurement guidelines and the opening of bids will be carried out internally by the SBL procurement team behind closed doors.

.The successful candidate will pay for the desired vehicle into the bank account of Skol Brewery ltd. No. 00018-01390047888-51 /FRW to Equity Bank and will be obliged to make the collection within 48 hours.

.Skol Brewery Ltd, reserves the right to accept or reject offers below its minimum price.

The transfer will be made as soon as the winner(s) have paid the total amount confirmed by SBL, exclusively on the identity and address of the person who participated in the call for tenders, i.e. without going through a third party person (commissioner).

.Skol Brewery Ltd. declines all liability subsequent to the purchase of the vehicle.


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