MTN Rwanda: HR Leadership in a Digital World Scope

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MTN Rwanda recognises staff training as an organisational change strategy which includes all leaning systems and strategies heeded for building the capacity of all MTN Rwanda staff to respond to organisational mission and Objectives hence sustainability.

The digital disruption comes a long with its dynamics which may pose challenges in the working environments. Against this facts, MTN Rwanda would like to enhance Digital capacities for its HR staff to fit the future projections.


To equip the HR participants with the skills to make the digital transformation of HR a reality. They should build their digital toolkit, develop a roadmap, and learn from case studies to help reimagine existing HR processes in the context of digital transformation. Skills on how to move recruiting online, implement digital learning and development, leverage cloud productivity tools, eliminate performance review, and start incorporating data into their decision-making should be realized in the training. Transform employee experience and company culture which will lead to increased innovation, productivity, and engagement are some of the expectations of this training.

Benefits to Participants

-Understand the use of big data that allows the reaction of opportunities and benefits for workforce planning and the talent management of employees.

- The critical role of HR in delivering a competitive advantage through the integration of people management and technology.

- Developing HR strategies through calculated data and analysis.

- Aligning digital technologies with the organisational values

- The use of blockchain technologies, Al and the future in HR

About the Trainer

The trainer must exclusively have the technical know how on the topics of training, must exhibit accumulated amount of hours in training experience in the same topics with success stories. The trainer’s educational profile must not be less than the masters level.


Proposal to be submitted on 20th March 2021.

Note: For more details, (User requirements Specification) and bids submission please contact MTN Rwanda’s procurement office on below email address and phone numbers


(+250)788313124 (+250)788312651

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