Anti-Money Laundering and Combatting Financing of Terrorism Training Course

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MTN Rwanda would like to enhance staff training on AML/CFT Certification through AML/CFT training


MTN Rwanda recognizes staff training as an organizational change strategy which includes all learning systems and strategies heeded for building the capacity of all MTN Rwanda staff to respond to organizational mission and objectives hence sustainability

As you may know, money laundering and terrorism financing remains an imminent threat to financial sector and society at large. It’s therefore vital for us to remain abreast of the latest regulatory requirements in our operations and also understand industry best practice.

MTN Rwanda would like to enhance staff training on AML/CFT Certification through AML/CFT training.


To provide FinTech participants with skills to understand full scope of what Money Laundering (ML) and Terrorism Financing (TF) is. How the fight against ML and FT is regulated. Full detailed work scope of AML/CFT Compliance programme from regulatory requirements and International Industry business practice. Further understanding of the Risk Based Approach, Risk-Based Know Your Customer, Risk associated with ML/TF and handling & Reporting of suspicious activities.

Benefits to participants:

Able to build an agile and innovative business AML/CFT compliance strategy, to meet regulatory requirements and keep the business growing.

Able to drive significant changes in AML/CFT methods to curb Money laundering and Financing of terrorism.

Able to meet international standards in detecting and prevention of Money Laundering and terrorism financing, since our business integrates with International Money Transfer business companies

Participants should be able to train the rest of employees at the best level, for the entire company to fully understand AML/CFT programme initiatives.

About the Trainer:

The Trainer must exclusively have the technical know how on the topics of the training, must exhibit accumulated amount of hours in training experience in the same topics with success stories. The Trainer’s education profile is not less than a master’s level and must have a professional course related to AML/CFT from a recognized entity at an international standard. They should have above five years of experience in offering AML/CFT training to related environment.


Proposals to be submitted on 07th May 2021.

Note: For more details, (User Requirements specification) and bids submission please contact MTN Rwanda’s procurement office on below email address and phone numbers.


Tel: (+250) 788313144, (+250) 788312651, (+250) 788 312377



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