Arsenal yegukanye irushanwa rya Community Shield itsinze Chelsea kuri penaliti-AMAFOTO

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Ikipe ya Arsenal itozwa na Arsen Wenger yegukanye igikombe cya Community Shield, umukino umwe uhuza ikipe yatwaye igikombe cya shampiyona n’iyatwaye FA Cup. Uyu mukino warangiye amakipe yombi anganya igitego 1-1 mbere yuko batera penaliti, Arsenal ikinjiza enye (4) kuri imwe (1) ya Chelsea.

Chelsea FC ni yo yari yatwaye igikombe cya shampiyona y’umwaka w’imikino dusoje (2016-2017) mu gihe Arsenal yari yatwaye FA Cup y’uyu mwaka w’imikino.

Victor Moses wa Chelsea ni we wafunguye amazamu ku munota wa 47’ w’umukino ku mupira yari ahawe na myugariro Gary Cahill. Iki gitego cyaje kwishyurwa na Sead Kolasinac ku munota wa 82’ w’umukino biturutse ku mupira yahawe na Granit Xhaka.

Mu gutera penaliti, Gary Cahill wenyine ni we winjije penaliti ya Chelsea mu gihe abakinnyi barimo; Thibault Courtois na Alvaro Morata bagiye bahusha izi penaliti. Pedro Rodriguez yari yahawe ikariya y'umutuku ku munota wa 80'.

Theo Walcott, Nacho Monreal, Axel Oxlade-Chamberlain na Olivier Giroud bagiye binjiza neza penaliti za Arsenal bituma batwara igikombe cyakinwaga ku nshuro ya 95 kuva cyabaho mu 1908.

Victor Moses put Chelsea ahead a minute into the second half with powerful finish after a corner went uncleared by Arsenal

Victor Moses afasha Chelsea gufungura amazamu

Chelsea looked to be heading towards victory until Pedro was surprisingly sent off for a tough tackle on Mohamed Elneny

Pedro Rodriguez ahabwa umutuku

Sead Kolasinac aterekamo igitego cyo kwishyura

Arsenal won the first trophy of the 2017-18 term against Chelsea through spot-kicks after an entertaining Community Shield

The victory was Arsenal's second over Chelsea at the national stadium this year following the FA Cup final in May

Arsenal bishimira igikombe

Victor Moses put Chelsea ahead a minute into the second half with powerful finish after a corner went uncleared by Arsenal

Victor Moses afungura amazamu ku nyungu za Chelsea

Chelsea looked to be heading towards victory until Pedro was surprisingly sent off for a tough tackle on Mohamed Elneny

Pedro Rodriguez ahabwa ikarita itukura

From the resulting free-kick debutant defender Sead Kolasinac headed Arsenal level with powerful finish into the far corner

Sead Kolasinac wa Arsenal yishyura igitego

The game went to penalties with Thibaut Courtois surprisingly taking the second Chelsea kick - he smashed it over the bar

Tibault Courtois atera penaliti akayinyuza kure y'izamu

The new Chelsea No 9 Alvaro Morata followed Courtois in the new ABBA system of penalties, but failed to score

Alvaro Morata uheruka gusinya muri Chelsea nawe yahushije penaliti

It was left to Olivier Giroud (centre right) to score the winning Arsenal penalty, and he did so with aplomb

Abakinnyi ba Arsenal bishimira intsinzi

Giroud kisses the Community Shield amid the celebrations as Arsenal enjoy a second Wembley win in three months

Intsinzi iraryoha mwa bantu mwe

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger waves to the crowd after wining his first major match since signing a new contract

Umutoza Arsene Wenger yereka abafana ko yakoze akazi

Courtois reacts after missing with his awful penalty - although £70m striker Morata, who followed, managed no better

Thibault Courtois avuga ati "Ibyanjye nta shaba kweli"

Giroud on the other hand kept a cool head and finished with power to show to Arsenal that he still may have a future there

Olivier Giroud yigaragaza muri penaliti

Moses smashed the ball home from six yards out after Gary Cahill looped a header into the area and he reacted fastest

Chelsea yabanje igitego yizera igikombe nyamara bya he byo kajya

Cesc Fabregas leaps on Moses - who was sent off in the FA Cup final defeat for diving - as their team-mates and fans celebrate

Abafana n'abakinnyi ba Chelsea bishimira igitego

Kolasinac Arsenal yazanye ku buntu avuye muri Schalke04 yabasubije mu mukino

Chelsea were static and looked stunned following the surprise red card, and Kolasinac took full advantage to score

...Yishimira igitego cye cya mbere muri Arsenal

With his large build belying a good turn of speed, the Bosnian bears all the hallmarks of being an Arsenal cult hero

....Yiyereka abafana

After a tense opening quarter of the game, Alexandre Lacazette came inches from opening the scoring when he hit the post

Alexandre Lacazette nawe ashaka igitego

Lacazette's  effort came after a sweeping counter-attack, and his impressive curler had Thibaut Courtois beaten

...Courtois yirwanaho

Arsenal captain Per Mertesacker went off after half an hour after getting an accidental elbow to the face from Cahill

Per Mertesacker kapiteni wa Arsenal yakoreweho ikosa na Gary Cahill 

The Arsenal physios tend to the bloodied Mertesacker, who had been heroic in the FA Cup final against Chelsea last season

Abaganga bakora akazi 

Cech and his Arsenal team mates show their concern for the German, who had to be replaced by debutant Saed Kolasinac

Abakinnyi bagenzi be batabara

Mertesacker had until that point looked solid in the Arsenal defence as they restricted Chelsea to few clear early chances

Pedro Rodriguez ashaka igitego

Willian went over in the box and wanted a penalty, but was booked for diving - replays showed he had kicked his own leg

Willian wa Chelsea yazanye gahunda zo kwigisha ashaka penaliti baramuhana

The Brazilian looked initially as if he had been touched by Hector Bellerin, but replays showed a gap between the players

Ubwo yari agiye agana izamu

Alex Iwobi provided early invention as the Gunners started the brightest, getting to the byline and looking to play in crosses

Alex Iwobi agana izamu rya Courtois

Blues forward Pedro played in a protective mask after fracturing his eye socket in a pre-season friendly against Arsenal

Pedro yabuze inzira mu bakinnyi ba Arsenal

Cech races out of his area to head away a long ball while Pedro and Rob Holding watch on during a tight opening at Wembley

Petr Cech n'umutwe ashyiraho akiza izamu

Before his shootout humiliation, Courtois produced a truly outstanding save to deny Elneny's long range power drive

Mbere yuko batera penaliti, Courtois yari yakoze akazi

Iwobi prepares to play a pass, while surrounded by concerned looking defenders for the Premier League champions

Alex Iwobi hagati y'abakinnyi ba Chelsea

Alexis Sanchez was not deemed fit enough to play for the Gunners and was left out entirely, as was Mesut Ozil (left)

Alexis Sanchez kizigenza wa Arsenal ntiyakinnye

Fans stream up Wembley Way to the national stadium, which hosted the traditional curtain raiser of the English season

Abafana bagana i Wembley

Arsenal fans wear masks of the face of Frenchman Lacazette, the £53m signing they hope will return them to the top four

Abafana ba Arsenal bambaye ibisamasura byerekana ko bizeye Alexandar Lacazette

Two young Chelsea fans smile for the camera before the game, between the Premier League champions and FA Cup winners

Aba bana bafana Chelsea

A minute's silence was observed before the game to remember the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire in Kensington

Mbere y'umukino hibutswe abaguye mu nkongi yibasiye inyubako ya Grenfell Tower muri Kensington

AMAFOTO: DailMailOnline


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