Tom Close

  • Full Name: Muyombo Thomas
  • Added: Oct 22nd 2012, 10:16
  • Video Songs: 10 - Audio Songs: 47
Bio: Born to Karangwa Edward and Dukuze faith Grace,...Read more

My Biography

Born to Karangwa Edward and Dukuze faith Grace, Thomas Muyombo, 23 years old, better known as Tom Close; his artist name, is most likely the best known R&B Rwandan musician. Tom Close is a third year medical student at National University of Rwanda., He is also a singer, author, illustrator, actor and a songwriter, born in Uganda at Masindi District on 28th October 1986, he is the second child among three in his family and he is still single and he has only one of his parents. Tom studied his primary school in Uganda and he went on his secondary studies at Kiziguro secondary school and Lycée de Kigali.</p><p>He started his career of music singer when he was in P4 in 1995 at Don Bosco church kimihurura choir but when he entered the secondary school at Kiziguro secondary school he joined the Kiziguro Anglican church choir from 1999 to 2001 and when he went to study the Bio-chemistry to Lycée de Kigali, he sang in Prince of Peace choir of St Etienne Anglican church up to 2006. From the age of 14 he started compose his own songs. In 2005 during the vacation he went to work at the Seeds of peace where with the Ben his cousin, other two boys and a girl called Dorcus create Afro-Saints group, recorded five songs which were not famous that was in 2006 up to late 2007.
In November 2007 he recorded his first single helped by the Ben called "Mbwira". From November up to May 2008 he was working on his First Album entitled "KUKI" which was launched on 16th May 2008 after then until now he is working on his second album. "Since my childhood, I have liked everything related to art such as music, dance, cinema, book writing" said Tom smiling. These explain why he chose to be a musician and an actor. He likes Chris Brown as an R&B singer as well as a dancer and he likes songs of Usher. Tom sang several songs such as "Mbwira, kuki, sibeza, mbwira yego". He acts in his video clips and he will be an actor in a movie which will be released very soon late this year by Arnold’s Films which made a clip of Sinarinkuzi. He wrote several books called in French Bande Dessine such as "Inka yanjye first, second and third vol, Nkunda u Rwanda vol1 and Isuka yanjye which has not yet printed and many other poems not yet published.

</p><p>Rewards and Honours</p><p>Tom won some trophies like "the best Artist in National University of Rwanda given by Campus Initiative Promotion in Rector Excellence Awards 2008", "the best artist of the year in Salax Awards in 2009" and he performed in several concert like a mega concert of MTN ten years anniversary with Shaggy Mr Bombastic. He hopes to be a professional artist and He wishes to spread his talents all over the world by singing on a biggest stage, acting in famous movies and writing the bestsellers